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We take pride in defending the residents of Fishers from bed bugs. Recently, we’ve seen a substantial increase in the quantity of this problem in the area. No one knows for sure why the numbers of bed bug infestations are increasing but being aware and educated about the pests can help a great deal in avoiding them.

Prevent bed bugs before you’re attacked!

The idea of having them in your house will probably strike you with fear. Unlike harmless pests, they need to be addressed immediately because they can cause damage to your property and harm you. They prey on people during the night while they are asleep. They pierce your skin using their stylet and at the same time their saliva contains a numbing agent that makes you less aware of them feeding on you. They can eat for up to five minutes, sometimes a little longer, then will retreat once they are full. You could experience redness, swelling and itching if you have bed bug bites.

Effective Bug Inspection

It’s not uncommon to not notice bed bugs after they have already infested your property. They are very small little pests and are experts at hiding in places you can’t easily see like mattress seams, furniture cracks, behind wall outlets, etc. A warning sign of active bed bugs is finding dark spots on your sheets or bedding. These dark spots are likely their fecal matter (blood) and means they have been in your bed.

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Bed bugs should not be taken lightly. You should call a professional right away as this is typically the only effective way to eliminate them. We perform inspections to first confirm the presence of active bed bugs and determine how serious the invasion is to create the most effective pest treatment plan. Call us to learn more about our quality pest services.

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