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If you have been seeing a lot of beetles in or around your property then it might be time to call on the professionals at Pest Control Fishers. Our exterminators have been helping residents keep their homes and businesses free from invasive beetles and would be more than happy to help you do the same.

Prevent Beetle Infest in your area

A very common beetle that may require professional assistance is the powder post beetle. This particular beetle prefers wood items and structures. They are also the second most destructive pest (1st is termites) when it comes to destroying wood.

Lyctid beetles are typically found in hardwoods like cherry, oak, hickory, ash or walnut. Powder post beetles will chose softwood and/or hardwood and some actually like pine.

Powder Post Beetle Indentification

These beetles will range from 1/12″ to 1/5″ long and survive in your wood anywhere from several months up to a decade. The depending factors on the lifespan of the powder post beetle are temperature, age, type and moisture content of the wood.

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If you need help identifying the kind of beetles invading your property just call our experts. We can perform an inspection to determine where any active beetles may be and any signs of damage already caused by powder post beetles.

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