Fishers Fleas

Every year as the Autumn season approaches so does the increased risk of flea problems developing. When fleas make their way inside your property, regardless of how, they will begin laying eggs and infesting your property further. The longer the fleas remain untreated t read more

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Fishers Crickets

If you have a problem with crickets on your property it’s likely house or field crickets – both of which our Fishers cricket control exterminators can help with. House crickets may find their way inside your home and can easily take up residence and live ind read more

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Fishers Beetle Control

If you have been seeing a lot of beetles in or around your property then it might be time to call on the professionals at Pest Control Fishers. Our Fishers beetle control exterminators have been helping residents keep their homes and businesses free from invasive beetle read more

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Fishers Ant Control

Should ants be showing up inside your property you aren’t the only one suffering from these small invasive pests. We have already assessed the ant issues at many Fishers residences lately and would be happy to assist you with eliminating them from your home or pla read more

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Fishers Bees, Wasps, Hornets

Residents of Fishers, whether for a short time or all of their lives, have likely endured a bee, wasp or other stinging insect issue at some point. Sometimes they can easily be remedied by the property owner and other times a specialist is required. That’s where o read more

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Fishers Rodent Control – Mice and Rats

Having rodents in your home can quickly make your life miserable.  Mice and rats can cause serious destruction to your home or business, as well as transmit diseases.  If they decide to attack electronic cables they will chew through them, costing an unexpected expense read more

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