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Cricket Control

House crickets may find their way inside your home and can easily cause a disturbance. These particular crickets are significantly noisy with their continuous chirping.

Prevent crickets before they take over your home

These nocturnal pests will be in dark, warm places throughout the day and emerge at night to find food. When outdoors, the house cricket will eat insects (dead or alive) and plants. However, when Fishers house crickets find their way inside your home, they can destroy your fabrics (clothing, upholstery, etc) because they will eat large areas, leaving holes behind where they have devoured the fabric.

Effective Cricket Removal

If you are tired of the crickets invading your yard or property, it’s time to call our experts! We will help you get rid of the unwanted crickets and can also help you determine where they are getting inside at. Call us today to learn more!

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If you have a problem with crickets on your property, it’s likely house or field crickets – both of which our exterminators can help with.

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