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Every year as the Autumn season approaches so does the increased risk of flea problems developing. When fleas make their way inside your property, regardless of how, they will begin laying eggs and infesting your property further. The longer the fleas remain untreated the worse the problem is likely to become. If you have already discovered fleas in your home call our Fishers flea control exterminators at (317) 588-3079 right away!

fishers flea control

Fleas can be very difficult to get rid of if not handled immediately.

Fishers Flea Infestations

Infestations happen rather quickly thanks to the quick reproduction of fleas. A female flea will lay anywhere from 40 to 50 eggs in a single day. The eggs then hatch to become larvae, then Pupae, and then they mature anywhere from 14 to 180 days depending on the environment. Fleas thrive in secure, protected and shady areas. Fleas do not do well in direct sunlight or temperatures exceeding 95 degrees. Fisher, IN starts to cool down just enough in Autumn for the fleas to become active.

Controlling Fishers Fleas

When it comes to controlling fleas it can be very frustrating unless you take the proper measures to control and eliminate them. When you’re treating your environment it’s important to also treat any pets you have. Your vet will be able to recommend effective treatments or products for your pets if needed. Any effort you put forth in to eliminating the fleas will be wasted if your pets continue to carry the fleas around.

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Don’t wait until the fleas have completely disrupted your day to day living and call our Fishers flea control exterminator right away at (317) 588-3079. We can discuss your options for treating the fleas and inform you of the different things you can do at home that will also help. Fleas are a horrible pest to have but when you need help, our Fishers flea control experts are on your side; call today!


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